Where To Start

Where To Start

The natural act of conceiving is in fact a very complicated bodily process involving a number of factors that need to work perfectly and harmoniously in both the man and the women. When things do not work perfectly couples have trouble conceiving and seek solutions. This section will focus on When and How to get started with the process of achieving the goal of pregnancy.


Infertility is most often defined as an inability to conceive after 12 months of unprotected intercourse. It is reasonable to seek consultation after this length of time, however, the closer you are to 35 years of age, the sooner you may want to be evaluated. It is reasonable to seek advice any time after 6 months of trying if you are nearing the age of 35.


Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners can refer patients by fax. Patients can also self refer by fax, email or phone. Our staff will contact you and arrange a date and time for your consultation. It is important for your significant other to attend this meeting if at all possible.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation with the doctor will include a history as well as an assessment of any investigations already performed. If any additional investigations are necessary, they will be arranged at this visit. A follow up visit to discuss the results and formulate a plan of management will also be arranged. We need to know the status of the following

Information in order to formulate a game plan:

  • Sperm assessment.
  • Hormonal environment.
  • Probability of consistent ovulation.
  • Are both fallopian tubes open with a normal uterus?

When all of the important information is available, options will
be discussed with the couple and decisions can be made.