Q: What is infertility?
A: An inability to conceive after 12 months of unprotected intercourse.

Q: How common is this?
A: Between 12 – 20 per cent of couples experience infertility.

Q: When do I seek help?
A: It is reasonable to contact us if you are not conceiving as quickly as expected or if an obvious problem exists (i.e.- irregular cycles)

Q: Can I still be a patient if I don’t live in Whitby?
A: Absolutely. We welcome patients from right across the province. Please see the map on the contact page to see how conveniently we are located to many towns and cities.

Q: How do I become a patient?
A: Call the Lakeridge Fertility Clinic at 905-493-9222 or fill out the self referral form which can be printed, faxed or emailed to us automatically and our nurse coordinator will contact you to discuss this.

Q: How does age affect my chances of achieving a viable pregnancy?
A: Age of the female is a factor in achieving a viable pregnancy as it directly affects the quality and the number of eggs. This is one of many factors to be considered and investigated.

Q: What about cost?
A: Since medical requirements differ for each individual or couple, our staff will clarify the fees appropriate for you when you visit the clinic. Some services are covered by OHIP and/or private insurance plans.

Q: How does donor insemination work?
A:Therapeutic Donor Insemination is the use of donated sperm from a sperm bank to achieve pregnancy. This is indicated in single women, same sex couples, and in couples that have severe sperm factor. It works the same way as IUI, you need monitoring to pinpoint optimal ovulation. This may be accomplished in a natural or stimulated cycle.

Q: Do you treat same sex couples and single individuals?
A: At Lakeridge Fertility Clinic we welcome same sex couples and single individuals who are interested in having a child.

Q: Will my testing take place in Whitby, or will I be sent elsewhere?
A: All Cycle Monitoring Labwork and Ultrasound investigations are done on-site in the clinic, located at 619 Brock Street South in Whitby.

Q: Does the clinic provide on-site cycle monitoring every day or just weekdays?
A: Lakeridge Fertility offers blood and ultrasound monitoring 7 days a week, and only closes for holidays such as Christmas and New Years Day.

Q: How soon will my laboratory and ultrasound test results be available?
A: On-site laboratory and ultrasound facilities can provide same day reporting.

Q: How quickly can I get into the program after my initial visit with the doctor?
A: Testing can begin at your initial visit. Testing for the purpose of diagnosis is completed within 5-7 weeks. After testing is complete, treatment can begin.

Q: Does Lakeridge Fertility treat both men and women for infertility?
A: Yes. Our investigations and treatments cover both male and female factor infertility. Even if only one partner is actively undergoing treatment, we have found it beneficial for both partners to be present whenever possible during discussions and some procedures.