In Vitro Fertilization

For a variety of reasons, some couples end up at or choose IVF as their means of reproductive technology to achieve their goals of pregnancy. IVF is a highly technological treatment process involving uterine preparation, follicle stimulation, egg retrieval and embryo growth and transfer. Although IVF with ICSI is perhaps the most complex treatment option for couples one must remember it also carries the only or highest success rate option for many cases.

Why Does Lakeridge Fertility Collaborate With TRIO?

TRIO Centre For Reproductive Medicine is the perfect fit for Lakeridge Fertility. TRIO has been providing state of the art IVF services with excellent success rates for over 20 years. Founders, Dr. Ken Cadesky and Dr. Carl Laskin each bring a wealth of experience and expertise to each and every cycle of IVF. Dr. Cadesky has been providing IVF expertise for Barrie Fertility Centre and Dr. Browning’s patients for over 15 years. Dr. Laskin is considered one of Canada’s pre-eminent experts on recurrent miscarriage and hence implantation. Dr. Cadesky and Dr. Laskin anchor a strong medical team of Reproduction Specialists that are recognized across the country.

When it comes to success rates with IVF cycles, many would argue that a centre is as good as its embryologist. Dr Jim Meriano, Chief Embryologist , has been at TRIO for over 15 years. Jim and his team are considered one of the best in Canada, excelling at pre-implantation genetic diagnosis/screening and remain forerunners in egg freezing. TRIO continues to make industry leading investments in technology and staff to remain at the forefront of IVF treatment resulting in pregnancy rates that are of the highest in Canada.

Lakeridge Fertility Working With TRIO: A Team Approach

Lakeridge Fertility IVF patients receive the best of both worlds experience on their journey to parenthood. We take a “do what you do best” approach to helping patients achieve their goals. Clients have all of their teaching, cycle monitoring, lab work, and ultrasounds done at Lakeridge Fertility in a convenient, warm, supportive and respectful environment. All of the daily information is conveyed to TRIO where the doctor in charge makes the cycle decisions and they are communicated to the patient. A typical cycle would involve 2 trips to the IVF Centre, i.e.: one trip for the egg retrieval and 1 trip for the embryo transfer. Lakeridge Fertility and TRIO have mastered a seamless and coordinated approach to IVF cycles allowing patients to have convenience and pregnancy rates that are of the highest in the country.